Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Medical Research Institute Focusing On Treatment Of Mesothelioma Launches New Patient Resource Website

The Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute ("PHLBI"), a non-profit medical research institute focusing on the treatment and prevention of malignant pleural mesothelioma, is proud to announce the launch of its new website:

With substantial contributions from PHLBI's Scientific Advisor, renowned cardiothoracic surgeon and surgical oncologist Dr. Robert Cameron, is a unique resource where patients, caregivers and providers can obtain up-to-date information about pleural mesothelioma and Dr. Cameron's innovative approach to treating the disease.

The new site was designed to provide users with a common sense education about mesothelioma, how it is caused, how it is diagnosed and how it is treated. Where the site distinguishes itself from others is the collection of additional resources designed to help patients go beyond the basic facts and make informed decisions about the treatment options which may be available to them.

First and foremost, the new site contains contributions from Dr. Robert Cameron, including:

"Remove the Tumor, Save the Lung and Treat Meso as a Chronic Illness," in which Dr. Cameron describes his multi-modal approach to treating pleural mesothelioma;

"The Argument Against Chemo as a Stand-Alone Treatment for Meso," in which Dr. Cameron expresses his opinions regarding the role of chemotherapy in the treatment of pleural mesothelioma; and

"Lung-Saving P/D vs. Radical EPP," in which Dr. Cameron explains what he believes are the advantages of the pleurectomy/decortication surgery which he developed for pleural mesothelioma as compared to the more radical extra-pleural pneumonectomy procedure more frequently performed by other surgeons.

The site is also updated regularly with recent medical articles selected by Dr. Cameron addressing various aspects of mesothelioma etiology, diagnosis and treatment.

The new site also offers direct access to Dr. Cameron's nurse practitioner, Anne Rorie, who patients may contact with questions or concerns they may have about symptoms they are experiencing, what must be done in order to determine if they have mesothelioma and what treatment options may be available to them. As a nurse practitioner, Anne is also knowledgeable about holistic care which can sometimes complement the treatments which mesothelioma patients receive.

Users wishing to obtain information about mesothelioma and mesothelioma treatment from a patient's perspective can review patient profiles and videotaped interviews of mesothelioma patients on the site. Arrangements can also be made through the site to place users in contact with other mesothelioma patients who can share their experiences with the treatments they decided upon.

The site also provides information about PHLBI's research into advancements in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pleural mesothelioma, as well as fundraising events and opportunities which are essential to the success of PHLBI's research objectives.

PHLBI is committed to continually updating to provide the best and most current information on mesothelioma treatment and support.

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