Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mesothelioma Warning: Asbestos Must Be Removed from California Art Museum

In Fresno, California, the city council has approved an emergency proposal to repair the roof of the Fresno Art Museum. The ceiling at the museum contains asbestos, and that will need to be abated. Generally speaking, the city council has to accept multiple bids for a project like this, but because of the urgent need to complete the project quickly, the council approved an emergency resolution to hire Graham Prewett, Inc. to tackle the project. Work on the $241,000 project will begin as soon as possible.

The museum has several leaks that have caused water damage to walls and ceilings, as well as to the roof. A new roof is needed immediately, according to Kenneth Nerland, director of the city's general services department. "It is urgent that roof-replacement work be completed as soon as possible," Nerland says.

Asbestos is present in ceiling-tile adhesive and wallboard tape at the site. When damaged asbestos-containing materials can release tiny particles of asbestos into the air which may be inhaled by humans. Once in the body, asbestos can wreck havoc, sometimes causing lung cancer or mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer.

The disease typically lies dormant for up to fifty years before an individual begins to suffer from mesothelioma symptoms, and the majority of patients lose their battle with this cancer in less than two years following diagnosis.

Mold growing in moist ceiling tiles could also pose serious health risks, according to local reports. It is hoped that the roof repair project will wrap up within six weeks.

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